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who decides

A film by Mylissa Fitzsimmons

A sick woman and a young girl engage in a discussion about who decides when it’s your time to die.

Who Decides was the 2017 Sun Valley Film Festival Short Film Lab winner. Judges Jim Burke (Focus Features) and filmmaker Michael Tully (Ping Pong Summer) chose Who Decides as the winning script out of over hundreds of submissions to be made into a short film.

2017 | 8 min | Color | USA | 1.85 | In English

Screens as part of the shorts program Rites of Passage.

Director Biography

unspecifiedMylissa spent her early years living in a series of trailer parks in Utah with her mom and 3 siblings. She spent most nights at the drive in movies or in the library. As a teenager in Oregon, she was given a camera and began her self taught journey as a photographer. She started by photographing bands passing through town. Saying she was a photographer for the local news papers.

Photographing bands was her first step into a creative career. Straight out of high school she went on tour with various bands including Nirvana, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Wilco to name a few. A teacher she had in high school introduced her to documentary filmmaking and shortly afterwards she made the transition into filmmaking.

Her first short documentary film at the age of 18, The Secret Lives of Suburban Moms won some awards and she followed quickly followed it up with a series of shorts about the Riot Girl music scene. She bounced around between Seattle and LA in her early twenties photographing bands and making short documentaries. Until finally making the decision to make Los Angeles her home. Recently she transitioned to writing, directing and producing narrative short films. Her films include, Long Way Home, My First Love, Mercy, and the award wining short film That Party That One Night. She produced the Tribeca/Amazon Studios award winning short film Cul-de-Sac and she was a Screen Craft finalist for her short story Red Clay Halo about the time she was kidnapped by her babysitter. She is currently writing her first feature which will be a micro budget film she plans to direct in 2018.


Mylissa Fitzsimmons, Director, Writer
Kristen Murtha, Producer
Brenden Hubbard, Producer


Jenny O’Hara
Addison Eckert
Leonora Pitts