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TFF Youth Filmmaking Bootcamp posterThe Tallahassee Film Festival’s Youth Filmmaking Bootcamp is a unique educational program which includes online curriculum mapped to state standards, written and produced by industry experts, professional feedback on student work, in-person workshops with filmmaking professionals, and a chance for high-school students to get their film shown on the big screen at the Tallahassee Film Festival!

Our program is designed for high school students in Tallahassee and surrounding areas, and our goal is to create an opportunity for students to gain skills in visual literacy, collaboration, and prepare them for CTE certification in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The TFF Filmmaking Bootcamp program can be integrated into your school in a variety of ways, from supplementary curriculum in a technology or art class to an extracurricular film club.

Club or Class Requirements

  • Minimum 5 students participating
  • Access to a computer lab with editing software
  • Provide own gear and equipment (minimum 2 smartphones as camera and sound recorder)
  • Students must be between 13-18 years old
  • Teacher sponsor (not required to be filmmaking expert)

Program Overview

Students must complete online curriculum portion and gain their Certification of Completion before Summer Break to be eligible to compete in the festival during the next Fall semester.

In the Fall semester students with Certificates of Completion for the online curriculum they completed in the Spring will work together – hands on – to write, shoot, edit and produce their short film for the festival. During the Spring semester, students will submit 3 deliverables (screenplay, rough cut of film and final cut) to the TFF judges who will meet with the students and provide in-person feedback along the way prior to their film festival premiere.

Tallahassee Film Festival has partnered with Command Media to bring this one-of-a-kind opportunity to Leon County students.

Command Media is a filmmaking education company focused on teaching the fundamentals of visual storytelling to middle and high school students. Through customized e-learning technology, industry-standard instruction and standards-based curriculum, Command Media offers a mini film school experience in an online, personalized learning environment for K-12 students.

To Participate

We’re sorry. The Youth Filmmaking Bootcamp is not available at this time.