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A film by Randall Christopher

Fresh off of the slate of 2018 Sundance, this is an animated true crime documentary that tells the captivating true story of Zvi Aharoni and the Israeli secret service team that brought down one of the most powerful Nazis on the run. Fifteen years after the end of World War II, the team closes in on the murderer in Argentina in their attempt to bring him to justice.

Director Randall Christopher is a graduate of Florida State University (BFA Studio Art). This artistic retelling of a fascinating true story features the voice talent of Mark Pinter (Mad Men) and the drawings of California based artist Randall Christopher. We believe that this thrilling film has a timely message for today’s world as it addresses one of the most important historical lessons from the 20th century.

2017 | 15 min | Color | USA | 1.78 | In English

Screens as part of the Opening Night presentation and the shorts programs The Animated Hour and Portraits.

Artist Statement

Adolf Hitler was democratically elected in 1933. Twelve years later 55 million people were dead and the entire European continent was in ruins. And yet despite the lessons from history, all of the conditions which led to World War II have fully risen again. Extreme nationalism, open racism, attacks on the press, reckless talk of war, and an overarching narrative of an enemy are everywhere.

People have forgotten history. And as media and even the very notion of truth are under siege, now more than ever people need to learn from the past and recognize the seeds of war.

I believe the biggest help in steering our culture away from another Holocaust or WWII will come from ordinary people who will stand up against prejudice and the narrative of an enemy. But ordinary people in America do not know history. I have recounted this story hundreds of times and have found most young people don’t know it. And very few people I’ve talked to know the reality and scope of the Holocaust.


Randall Christopher, Director
Randall Christopher, Writer
Jared Callahan, Producer
Randall Christopher, Producer
Mark Pinter, Cast (Voice)


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