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A Swedish Classic

swedishA film by Måns Berthas
A woman in a tattered wedding gown wakes in the forest to the sound of a deafening car horn. She finds her husband in the crashed car nearby. He’s in bad shape but alive. In the wrecked interior, they start to talk about their relationship, which soon seems to be as demolished as their Saab.
8 min | Sweden | Romance, Comedy

To Do List

todoA film by Ryan Austin
She has a long list of things to get done. He has a long story to tell. Her list just got longer. A simple, smart take on the rom-com by a first-time filmmaker out of Canada.
9 min | USA | Comedy, Romance


A Universal Love Story

AULS stillA film by Natalie MacMahon
One of the few films in the world that contains dialogue in the rare language of Esperanto, A Universal Love Story is a sci-fi drama about the possibility of finding love in an impersonal world in the distant future, where everyone is so focused on themselves, that it seems almost impossible to connect to another person.
9 min | Germany | Experimental, Romance

The Poet and the Professor

bathroomarielA film by Ariel Kavoussi
A dark, comedic short about Ariel, an insecure writer tortured by her own desires. Ariel can’t seem to stop seeing “The Poet,” an older, volatile cinematographer who pursues his ‘art’ while taking full advantage of his rich girlfriend’s beautiful New York apartment. Ariel also can’t stop herself from loving her own professor, a depressed, married, struggling adjunct obsessed with postmodernism and addicted to pills.
22 min | USA | Comedy

Red Tale

red tale stillA film by Natacha Thomas
Red Riding Hood and Blue Beard are opposed in a dark fairytale of a toxic romance between a man with a terrible secret and a woman determined to expose it. They play together in a dance of violence and power. Red Tale is, at its core, a story about the violence of a dysfunctional relationship.
5 min | France | Romance, Horror

Behind the Glass

glassA film by Eugen Merher
Coma patient Maya struggles to free herself from the virtual life she has behind the glass. Her husband Leon had her mind transmitted through neurotransmitters onto a futuristic camera. Will he be able to let her go after years of fighting to be with her?
7 min | Germany | Sci-Fi, Romance

Sac de Merde

MenAfterCarAccidentA film by Greg Chwerchak
An unlucky-in-love yet irrationally-optimistic New Yorker thinks her luck has changed when she spends the night with the man of her dreams. But as it turns out, he might just be full of shit. Literally.
12 min | USA | Comedy, Romance

The Incident

incidentA film by Meedo Taha
What happened at the bus stop? The truth lies somewhere between a veiled Muslim woman, a migrant Syrian worker, and a bus full of witnesses on their way to the mosque. The Incident is a subtly powerful film made by a UCLA student.
22 min | Lebanon | Comedy, Romance

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