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A film by Robert T. Herrera

Eugene, an inner-city teen, escapes the city streets and hides away on a Midwest city rooftop during the 4th of July holiday. He is found by Holly, a widowed alcoholic, who lives in the secluded rooftop dwelling with her Boston terrier. They commit to spending the day together above the city as they wait for a hopeful resolve to Eugene’s situation. As their day passes, their friendship grows, and their personal realities begin to catch up with them.

2017 | 77 min | Black & White | USA | 1.78 | In English

Director Biography

SA_shoot_2017_01_13Robert T. Herrera is a Texas-born and St. Louis-based artist and filmmaker. He shot, directed, and edited the award winning feature documentary, The Gray Seasons, which played at over a dozen festivals and earned worldwide distribution. Herrera was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and attended Baylor University and Washington University in St. Louis where he studied architecture, art, and literature. He directs, writes, consults, and develops content for brands, agencies, production companies, networks, and Fortune 50 companies for promotional, entertainment, and fine art use. Herrera lives in St. Louis City with his wife, daughter, and Boston Terrier.


Robert T. Herrera, Director, Writer, Producer
John Aichholz, Producer


Libby Bibb
Olajuwon Davis

Director Statement

Palacios_one_sheet_1200x1778_RGBPalacios was written and shot in St. Louis one year before the events of Ferguson and shooting of Mike Brown took place. Amidst a busy schedule and contemplation over this new context surrounding the idea of our film – editing was delayed. During that delay, our lead actor was arrested on federal gun charges and plea bargained for 7 years in prison – adding another layer of unwanted context and a questionable desire to finish the film. We had to consider the consequences of the real-life circumstances of our actor mirrored against his film character – which had both broad and subtle similarities. After consideration, it seemed we had a stronger and more relevant reason to finish the film and have done so with our actor’s blessing and good wishes.