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L’Ombra di Caino

A film by Antonio De Palo

November 5th, 2025. Western metropolis. Young inspector Abel is grappling with the umpteenth disappearance: Angela, a 9-year-old girl, of whom there has been no news for two days. For more than ten years there have been many disappearances of children . Numbers assume alarming proportions; the police are indicted. Ada is a young woman of thirty whose daughter was kidnapped some years before. From that day on she has led a personal investigation searching for the truth. Eddi, a transsexual in his sixties, is the host of a late night radio progam. Together with Agnes, he founded an association that through various propaganda activities, including the radio, struggles to find the truth. On the night of November 5th the stories of these characters will be inexorably intertwined, leading us to a bitter and shocking discovery.

2016 | 29 min | Color | Italy | 2.39 | In Italian with English subtitles

Screens as part of the shorts program Future Primitive.

Director Biography

U34A7099Antonio De palo was born in molfetta in 1981. After graduating in Communication Sciences at Università degli studi di Bari he got a diploma in film Direction at the Accademia Europea di Cinema e Televisione Rosebud of Rome. His short films have been shown in over 40 countries and over 100 festivals, winning numerous awards. Some of the prestigious festivals in which he has participated: Festival International Cinéma méditerranéen Tétouan, Belgrade Documentary and Shorts film festival, Newport Beach film festival, festival International du film Europeen de Lille, New york City International film festival, San Luis Obispo International film festival, Gwangju International film festival and many others. Furthermore, he is associate director and assistant director on various professional sets.


Antonio De Palo, Director, Writer, Producer
Giampietro Preziosa, Producer
Giuseppe Schettino, Producer
Valerio Coccoli, Cinematographer
Biancamaria Gervasio, Costumer
Francesco Arrivo, Art Director
Giovanni Astorino, Music
Dario Jurilli, Editing
Thomas Giorgi, Sound


Valeria Solarino
Michele Venitucci
Giorgio Colangeli
Lidia Vitale
Valentina Carnelutti
Lino Guanciale

Director Statement

“Cain’s Shadow” is set in the dialectics between violence and nonviolence, proposing a reflection on a real construction of meaning for the future. Therefore, in a place and at a time when the frantic search for material wellbeing blinds man, denying him the chance to look towards the future; the intention is to develop an ethical conflict of generations that puts adults in comparison with what, by definition, we could define the generation of the future: children. Intergenerational conflict: present and future. Investigating the meaning and intention of adults to build a future , leading to a reflection on the construction of tomorrow on an ethical basis.


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