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AULS still

A film by Natalie MacMahon

One of the few films in the world that contains dialogue in the rare language of Esperanto, A Universal Love Story is a sci-fi drama about the possibility of finding love in an impersonal world in the distant future, where everyone is so focused on themselves, that it seems almost impossible to connect to another person. All that’s left is the memory of love and the hope to experience it one more time. It seems that sometimes it takes a miracle from a different universe to start a revolution.

2017 | 9 min | Black & White | Germany | 1.78 | In English & Esperanto with English subtitles

Screens as part of the shorts program Love, or Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.

Director Biography

Natalie_CV_picNatalie MacMahon gained her first film experiences as an actress at a young age. After her studies at a Film Acting School in Berlin, she started writing her first script for the short film “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry”, which has been screened at numerous international film festivals, followed by her film noir style short films “Like A Summer Sonata” and “Lola wants to see the sea, which were equally successful. In 2017, Natalie released “It’s getting darker every day”, a dark sci-fi drama set in the future, as well as her melancholic Esperanto short “A Universal Love Story”. The young director just finished her sci-fi genre mix “The Redhead” and has started working on her first feature film script.


Natalie MacMahon, Director, Writer, Producer
Amber Palmer, Director of Photography
Jacopo Vannini, Sound Design, Music


Francisco Montero
Tomoko Inoue
Alastair Graham
Annegret Steioff
Christina Siemoneit
Orazio Manzella
Brett Ortgiesen
Asel Lobanchenko
Christoph Fortman
Natalie MacMahon

Universal Love Story poster

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