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Shorts 4: Outside Looking In

September 2 @ 1:00 pm 2:30 pm EDT

A collection of dramatic shorts. Learn more about the films in this program below.

Best Friends on a Summer Hike

A cautionary tale.
Two men take an uneasy hike on a Northern California coastal trail. This little dark comedy is the first of a series of films about male friendship and loneliness in late stage capitalism.

Director/Writer/Producer: Mario A. F. Furloni
Producer: Laura Heberton, Kate McLean
Cast: John Craven, Charles Shaw Robinson

2022 | 9 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ† | Drama, comedy, experimental


Bruno, living as a young gay Latino in high school, has just started to discover himself and his sexuality. Now that he has a new boyfriend, he feels he is finally ready to come out to his parents. However, after he tells this to his older sister Lucia, she soon reminds him that coming out to his parents isn’t the best idea.

Director/Writer: Michael Dean Wilkins
Writer: Jennings Gibbs-Barger
Producer: Mackenzie Holmes
Cast: Teddy Pagee, Sheila Correa, Julio Ortiz, Araceli Martinez

2022 | 10 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŽ¬βœοΈ | Drama, comedy, LGBTQIA+

A Bright Sunny Day

倏至前倩 (Xia Zhi Qian Tian)

The appearance of a girl on a bright sunny day gently changes the life of a young man.

Director/Writer: Yupeng He
Writer/Producer: Lam Can-zhao
Cast: Lan Jianhong, Wei Yaxiu

2023 | 20 mins | China | Chinese (Min Nan) | Color | πŸ†βœοΈ | Drama, coming-of-age

The Ballad of Rich and Champ

Rich and Champ arrive at their nightly stomping grounds for some easy money at the billiards table. The night cruises along like any other until a new challenger drops more money than either man expects on the table.

Director/Writer/Producer: Caleb Jordan Voyles
Producers: Isaiah Marcotte, Hophni William
Cast: Hophni William, Max Kelly, Dona McDonald, Meghan Fazel
Composer: Jonathan Hess

2022 | 13 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸ¦©πŸŽ¬βœοΈ | Drama, crime

The filmmaker Caleb Voyles, producer Isaiah Marcotte, actor/producer Hophni William, and actor Max Kelly are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.


A single mother and a lower caste slum dweller, works as domestic help for a dysfunctional middle class family. As her world comes crashing down at work one day, she must stand up for herself by blurring the lines between the master and the maid.

Director/Writer/Producer: Tathagata Ghosh
Producer: Partha Pratim Dhar
Cast: Payel Rakshit, Deboprasad Haldar, Bimal Giri, Anjita Banerjee

2022 | 23 mins | India | Bengali | Color | πŸ† | Drama

Indoor Baseball

Noel works at an indoor baseball facility with her father where her day-to-day existence is overshadowed by the curse of her family’s lineage: every family member must hit 100 baseballs everyday or the love of their life will die.

Director/Writer/Producer: Christian Cerezo
Producers: Rob Hatch-Miller, Puloma Basu, Tallie Medel
Cast: Tallie Medel, John Ennis, Sandy Honig, Nick Thorburn, Martha Kelly, Kyle Mizono
Original Score: Frankie Cosmos

2023 | 13 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ† | Drama

The filmmaker Christian Cerezo is expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

$10 Ticket

Cap City Video Lounge

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Tallahassee, FL 32310 United States
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