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Get a film school education in high school and premier your movie at the 2019 Tallahassee Film Festival! We have partnered with Command Media to bring a one-of-kind opportunity to Leon County high school students. Join the ranks of Lincoln High School, Chiles High School and Florida High this school year and bring the TFF Youth Filmmaking Bootcamp to your school! Our Bootcamp is a Fall and Spring semester educational program which includes online curriculum mapped to state standards, written and produced by industry experts, with professional feedback on student work, in-person workshops with filmmaking professionals, and a chance for high-school students to get their film shown on the big screen at the 2019 Tallahassee Film Festival!

Open to students’ ages 13 to 18. Register by October 11, 2018. The TFF Youth Filmmaking Bootcamp program can be integrated into your school in a variety of ways, from supplementary curriculum in a technology or art class to an extracurricular film club.

To learn more or register, get started at our Bootcamp page –>

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