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The Collected Works
Jimmy Joe Roche

Prominent Baltimore artist and a longtime Dan Deacon collaborator, Jimmy Joe Roche, a Tallahassee native, will host a retrospective of his short experimental films on April 6. Roche, a graduate of SAIL High School, is a professor of Film and Media at Johns Hopkins University whose mix of video, sculpture and performance has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, J. Paul Getty Museum, and Museum of the Moving Image. A short history of his short pieces will include titles which features Dan Deacon’s collaboration.

This screening will end with the premiere of a new film by Roche, to be announced at the event!

Ghost Zane

Early video art piece featuring a cameo by Dan Deacon.

11 min | 2005


The first film ever made by Jimmy Joe Roche. A short documentary about OL Smauels.

15 min | 2000

Ultimate Reality

First movement, collaboration with Dan Deacon.

6 min | 2007

Rooster Bobs

1 min | 2011

Brown Material

Collaboration with Yoshi Sodeoka.

2 min | 2016

Bug Powder

Collaboration with Yoshi Sodeoka. Score by Dan Deacon.

3 min | 2017

High-Speed Internet

Collaboration with Allen Cordell. Directed by Allen Cordell. Written by and starring Jimmy Joe Roche.

4 min | 2018


As told to us by Roche himself, “a ridiculous film Dan [Deacon] and I collaborated on in the Netherlands.”

18 min | 2011