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Eight Eyes

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We are honored and excited to be the U.S. Premiere of the first theatrical release from Vinegar Syndrome Pictures, the theatrical production arm of the home video label, Vinegar Syndrome! Shot on 16mm in Serbia, the grimy shocker and Fantasia Festival favorite offers a disturbing spin on the theme of colonial tourism.

Saturday, 9/2 at 11:15 PM in Theater #2

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A mysterious local crashes a couple’s vacation through the former Yugoslavia, pulling them deeper into his web of psychic rituals.

Made entirely on location in Serbia and Macedonia and photographed on 16mm film, Eight Eyes draws equally from Eastern European genre cinema and American regional horror films of the 70s to create a nightmarish tableau of nostalgia twisted into berserk, new shapes. Set among the ruins of the former Yugoslavia, Eight Eyes was scripted and structured with significant contributions from the film’s local cast and crew to ensure an authentic portrayal of the cultural environment in which it is set; one which has rarely been documented on film.

Eight Eyes is a co-production between Vinegar Syndrome Pictures (Joe Rubin, Ryan Emerson, Ralph Stevens) and Not the Funeral Home (Justin Martell, Matt Manjourides).

Vinegar Syndrome Pictures is the recently launched production arm of Vinegar Syndrome, one of the United States’ most celebrated boutique home video labels, known for its restoration and release of genre and underground cinema.

Not the Funeral Home is an independent film and television production company best known for creating and producing the acclaimed Shudder original series The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs in addition to the feature films Castle Freak, Subspecies V: Bloodrise and the upcoming Shudder originals The Puppetman and Hell Hole. NTFH is committed to working particularly with cast and crews based in countries and regions with burgeoning and under-represented filmmaking cultures.

2023 | 87 mins | US | English | Color | Horror, Giallo, psychological thriller

Courtesy of the ever-awesome Vinegar Syndrome Pictures & Not the Funeral Home

Saturday, 9/2 at 11:15 PM in Theater #2