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Ina nyo

A film by Mary Grace Evangelista

Your Mother (Ina nyo) is a day in the life of Ana, a young housemaid in Manila, and her quiet resilience as she is hassled by the family she has come to care for and know. While desperate to send more money to her mother, her job is suddenly jeopardized when the rivalry of the siblings and their desire for her go too far. Ana struggles with how to maintain her livelihood.

2017 | 12 min | Color | Philippines | 1.78 | In Filipino with English subtitles

Screens as part of the shorts program Moths, Flames.

Director Biography


maryMary was born in Manila Philippines, but grew up in the Bay Area California after her family immigrated to the States. With a desire to make striking films across genres that move people to action, she has focused on telling small personal stories with lots of heart. Her honors thesis film for her BFA from the University of California, San Diego is called Mad(drag)ness inspired by her brother’s dalliance into the drag queer world of San Francisco and the DIY termite process of filmmakers like the Kuchars and Chantal Akerman. She is currently an MFA candidate for directing and cinematography in the New York University Graduate Film Program, where she has DoP’d a number of short films including Blooming Nights which has had festival runs all over the world including the Academy qualifying Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.


Mary Grace Evangelista, Director, Writer
Lúcia Vidigal Reis, Producer
Benjamin Padero, Producer
Elegance Bratton, Producer
Chester Algernal Gordon, Producer


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Bing Pimentel
Lui Manansala