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A film by Eric Stone

Ruth, a burn unit nurse who is a consummate professional on the outside and a spiritual seeker on the inside, and Conrad, an alcoholic shipyard worker who dreams of being a cutting edge artist, are two seemingly unrelated characters. They live close to each other in the city of Seattle, and both long for some change in their lives, but have little else in common aside from knowing the same streets and feeling life’s highs and lows. Following their separate adventures over the course of a long weekend, between run-ins with strangers of all kinds, from raving lunatics to pointed intellectuals, the film explores a society made up of contradictory individuals co-existing within the same spaces and experiencing moments of disconnect and fear alongside moments of vitality and even genuine connection.

Filmed in the greater Seattle area with a large ensemble cast, and starring Trin Miller (“Captain Fantastic”) as Ruth and Wes Ramsey (“Deliverance Creek”) as Conrad, “Two Pictures” is the first feature film from writer/director Eric Stone and producer/composer Nate Stone of Seattleite Films.

2017 | 103 min | Color | USA | 1.78 | In English

Director Biography

Pic_1Eric Stone is from Edmonds, Washington State. He is a graduate of Western Washington University’s Fairhaven College and the Seattle Film Institute. His experience as a commercial fisherman for a decade and his previous work as a hospital orderly helped inform the story of “Two Pictures”, which is his first feature.


Eric Stone, Director, Writer
Nate Stone, Producer
Tonya M. Skoog, Producer


Trin Miller
Wes Ramsey
Matt Dy
Darren Keefe

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