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A film by Timothy Ryan Driscoll

A man goes to violent lengths to relieve himself of an itch.

2017 | 6 min | Color | USA | In English

Screens as part of the shorts program Unusual Suspects.

Director Biography

c06521e1fd-headshotTim’s first short film, ‘Nora’ has become an international hit while his feature debut, ‘The Lengths’ went on to win ‘Best Feature’ at the Berlin Independent Film Festival and the ‘Indie Spirit’ award at the New Hope Film Festival.

Driscoll is a Florida native who has produced and directed content for Food Network, Ford, Hyundai and Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram as well as music videos for dance/electronic artist AF THE NAYSAYER, and country musician Karen Hornsby (best known for her performance on ABC’s Rising Star). He also hosts a podcast (Dadpod: Zero Credentials, Unlimited Takes) and a web series (Stay Classy) between narrative endeavors.


Timothy Ryan Driscoll, Director, Writer
Moses von Holland, Producer
David McMahon, Cast

Director Statement


Inspired by Martin Scorsese’s 1967 short film, ‘The Big Shave’, The Itch is a metaphor for any insatiable appetite – like our president’s ego, or the human appetite for fire by way of fossil fuel combustion or nuclear weapons.