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The Incident

incidentA film by Meedo Taha
What happened at the bus stop? The truth lies somewhere between a veiled Muslim woman, a migrant Syrian worker, and a bus full of witnesses on their way to the mosque. The Incident is a subtly powerful film made by a UCLA student.
22 min | Lebanon | Comedy, Romance


marcusA film by J.R. Poli
A group of men struggle with a life changing decision. They find themselves on different sides of an argument that could possibly lead to a tragic ending.
10 min | USA | Drama


The Big Day

big day stillA film by Willi Kubica
Herbert has been more than peaceful for the last few years. Today he has the chance to meet his chaotic family for one last time. The big day has come. Grandpa Herbert Maibach is being prepped for end-of-life. Spending the last years in a coma, he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory. The family gathers to say their goodbyes. Easier said than done.
10 min | Germany | Comedy, Drama

Black Clothes

Screen-Shot-2017-05-29-at-13A film by Octav Chelaru
An orthodox priest preaches about the sin of hypocrisy, only to find out that he’s not far away of committing it himself while trying to protect his son.
20 min | Romania | Drama




GlenA film by Matthew Gentile
1875, Indian Territory. Bass Reeves, is the first African American to be deputized by the U.S. Marshal service. When Bass charges into the desert, he engages in a shootout with two outlaws, also African American. Based on accounts of the real person, Bass served as a Deputy U.S. Marshal in one of the most violent and dangerous regions of the Wild West. He spent more than three decades as a peace officer and during that time brought in more than 3,000 outlaws, a record that should have garnered him a reputation of mythic proportions. But Bass Reeves was black. So history moved on.
13 min | USA | Western, Crime

An Accidental Drowning

drowning stillA film by Matteo Servente
On April 28, 1939 Jesse Lee Bond was brutally lynched in Arlington, TN. His official death certificate read: accidentally drowned.
7 min | USA | Documentary, History


Say No

Say_No_3A film by Samuel Clemens
Schoolgirl Rossella has just split up with her boyfriend and is traveling to school with a handbag full of guns. Her ex has met a new girl and passions are running high. What does Rossella intend to do?
10 min | UK | Drama, Suspense

Special Note: The TFF is honored to present this film, as difficult as it is, in light of the all-too recent and tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting. Despite being produced in the UK, we believe this film is extremely important to the discussion on gun violence in America.