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An Accidental Drowning

drowning stillA film by Matteo Servente
On April 28, 1939 Jesse Lee Bond was brutally lynched in Arlington, TN. His official death certificate read: accidentally drowned.
7 min | USA | Documentary, History


Fight Like a Girl

fight girl still…         A film by Agustin Gonzalez and  Nicole Wulf Maldonado
In this short documentary, Victoria “VikkiKitty” Perez, Priscilla “Port” Sortino, and Taylor “Xaltis” Rose, three South Florida women, push through the male dominated competitive video gaming scene. A celebration of women in competitive video gaming and an evaluation of the problems they face.
13 min | USA | Documentary, Culture

Trouble at Sacred Stone

Trouble at Sacred StoneA film Bruno Filip Lumetta
Of the three ‘water protector’ camps at Standing Rock, North Dakota, Sacred Stone was the most mysterious. The reclusive anarchist collective did not allow photography or interviews of any kind. Captured entirely in secret on an iPhone, Trouble at Sacred Stone is a dreamlike journey through the strange camp, revealing what was its attraction to many, its troubles, and ultimately, its downfall.
27 min | USA | Documentary, Politics


dialogueA film by Gabor Fabricius
Refugees and migrants of different eras encounter each other though time and space and fuse to break through barbed wire together. Shot at real migrant locations at Europe’s newly installed barbed wire, using original documentary footage of refugees.
7 min | Hungary | Doc-Drama Hybrid

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