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wingsA film by Aidan Millroy
Agatha becomes acutely aware of the presence of death in everyday life after things around her start to die.
6 min | USA | Comedy, Drama



The Big Show

14-frame1_Le Grand ShowA film by Julien Jennequin
Mirabelle is 8. She was quietly watching some cartoons before her parents switched the channel to watch a politician’s speech on TV while having dinner. Mom and dad become different people when watching politics. Now she’s going to have to find a way to get the cartoons back on.
6 min | France | Comedy, Horror

Those Who Can Die

ceux-qui-7bisA film by Charlotte Cayeux
Zoé, 15 years old, enters a strict boarding school. Around her, students are playing and attending classes with faded eyes. Through their obsequious facade, the supervisors’ violence lurks. One day Zoé meets Marie and understands what they are destined for.
19 min | France | Drama, Suspense



13-banner_CaverneA film by Delphine Girard
How do you watch your childhood slipping away when you might never see again? This remarkable debut film from Belgian filmmaker Delphine Girard takes on the perspective of a young boy gradually losing his sight, and then some.
23 min | Belgium | Drama


BucketPicture1A film by Sean Mangan
A rural American family is torn apart after the death of the family cat.
12 min | USA | Comedy, Horror



Second Best

Second BestA film by Alyssa McClelland
Second Best is a dark comedy about the invisible, unbreakable connection of identical twin sisters, Velika and Nouchka Bortsov. Their mother, Dina, has pinned her ambitions to Nouchka’s rhythmic gymnastics career until a turn of events reawakens the power of their unwavering bond.
20 min | Australia | Comedy, Drama

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