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Shorts 6: 850 Edition

September 2 @ 5:30 pm 7:00 pm EDT

A collection of films by upcoming regional and next gen talent. Details about each film in this program below!

A Thief

After learning of the rapture in church, a frightened young boy tries to obsessively protect his family from being taken to heaven. Featuring an original score by Mary Lattimore.

Director/Writer: Steven Hedrick
Producer: Valery Garcia
Cast: Tucker Grumbles

2022 | 5 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸ¦©βœοΈ | Drama

The filmmaker Steven Hedrick and producer Valery Garcia are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

Goodbye Tallahassee, I Hope You Understand

Goodbye [good-bahy], interjection: A concluding remark used at parting.
Tallahassee [ta-luh-ha-see], noun: A vortex of a city that never lets you go.

Director/Writer: Bretton A. Miller
Producer: Landon Hogue
Cast: Courtney Green, Anderson Khochaiche

2022 | 9 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸ¦©βœοΈ | Comedy, drama


This documentary tracks the artistic and spiritual endeavors of rap artist and Tallahassee native NetflixKenny, and finding hope and happiness in creating art that speaks for oneself.

Director/Writer/Producer: Sam Ferra
Featuring: Davian Eugene Anderson, Josh Bandit

2023 | 8 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸ¦©πŸŽ¬βœοΈ | Documentary, portrait, music, local interest

The Battle of St. Theresa’s

A young Catholic school student tries to get kicked out of school.

Director/Writer: Sydney Paolercio
Producer: Britnee Blake
Cast: Adriana Vargas, Amanda Holton, Alanna Boyd, Jamia V.M. Wright, Helena Sadvary

2023 | 11 mins | US | English | Color | πŸŠ | Comedy, drama

The filmmaker Sydney Paolercio, producer Britnee Blake, actor Adriana Vargas, and director of photography Amber Skye are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

Our Terminal

A true story about a promising new love is quickly halted when two steadfast teenage girls are kept apart by suppressive parents. Evie, determined to prove herself, has one chance to fix it. She gathers her friends and races to save her first love, Frankie.

Director/Writer: Vyky Saiz
Producer: Ava Jazlyn
Cast: Katie Tawzer, Francesca Alfano

2022 | 12 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸ¦©βœοΈ | Drama, coming-of-age, LGBTQIA+

Black Icarus

In the Deep South, a father battles his drug and alcohol addiction while trying to be a father to his son.

Director/Writer/Producer: Jimmie Thomas
Producer: Enora Heard
Cast: Tray Chaney, Nicholas Martin, Larry Manning, Maimouna Youssef

2022 | 20 mins | US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸŽ¬βœοΈ | Drama

The filmmaker Jimmie Thomas and producer Enora Heard are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

Golden Boy

There are plenty of bad influences in the capital city of Tallahassee, Florida. Clean rapper Bachi is determined to be a force for good. This film is a love letter to all of the independent artists who think they need to move to a big city or have a massive audience before they can succeed.

Director: Abby Wright
Producer: Kiersten Harder
Featuring: Michael β€œBachi” Poole

2023 | 11 mins| US | English | Color | πŸ†πŸŠπŸ¦©βœοΈ | Documentary, portrait, music, local interest

The filmmaker Abby Wright, producer Kiersten Harder, director of photography Luke Brockinton, the rapper Bachi (Michael Poole), and others are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

$10 Ticket

Residence Inn & Suites – Seminole Room

600 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL United States
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