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Charlotte is an actress struggling with her craft and even more with herself. She has messed up yet another audition and even her self-written monologue seems to be working against her. Frustrated by the realities of an artistic career and her fear of failing, Charlotte escapes on a trip to a music festival in sunny Croatia with her boyfriend Georg. But the trip’s dynamic changes when their plans of a fun-filled couples vacation misfires: While Georg spends his time at the music festival in the hope of scoring a DJ gig, Charlotte is left stranded at their campground. She embarks on a journey of her own, encountering Benno, a self-proclaimed shaman; and mysterious dropout Tami, to whom Charlotte feels an attraction. Both of them quickly become close companions on Charlotte’s journey of self-discovery.

2019 | 80 mins | Germany | In German & English | Color

IN-PERSON: Saturday, 9/18 at 6:30 PM at Theater #2
: Available Friday, 9/17 from 7:00 PM through Sunday, 9/19, 9:00 PM

About the Filmmaker

Katharina Ludwig was born in Stralsund, Germany and studied at the University of Television and Film Munich. Active as a freelance director, producer and editor, she has worked on award-winning commercials and corporate films since 2010. Her films include: Sundays (short, 2010), Boys! (short, 2012) and her graduation feature This Is Where I Meet You (2019).

This Is Where I Meet You is not a “classic” film, but a film that can be discovered and felt over time. A summerly road movie with its own pulse. I wanted to tell the story of a struggling female artist who finds new perspective and strength in embracing her “failings” and finally trusting her inner life to lead the way. 

This Is Where I Meet You invites the viewer on an emotional journey. In this story there is no enemy, no fight to win or loose, but a truth to be discovered.

Cast & Crew

Written, directed, produced & edited by Katharina Ludwig
Holger Jungnickel – Cinematographer
Daniel Siebertz – Music
Helene Blechinger – “Charlotte”
Anton Spieker – “Georg”
Peter Marty – “Benno”
Tala Al Deen – “Tami”