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A curated collection of thought-provoking and powerful dramatic short films, all of which center around the complications of familial relationships, biological or otherwise.

IN-PERSON: Saturday 9/18 at 11:30 AM in Theater #1
Available Friday, 9/17 from 7:00 PM through Sunday, 9/19, 9:00 PM

*The filmmakers for Buried Words are expected to be present for a discussion following the in-person screening.

In A Bad Way

9 mins | US | Color | Drama | 🏆

A blue-collar gambling addict reaches a new low on Christmas Eve.

by Kyle Taubken

Kyle is a filmmaker from Memphis, TN. His work has screened in competition at festivals including Tallahassee Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, and Portland Film Festival and won awards at festivals including Indie Memphis Film Festival and Oxford Film Festival. He is currently in development on his debut feature. In A Bad Way is his 20th short film.

Labor Day

10 mins | US | Color | Drama | 🏆 ✏️

When Dina is invited to spend Labor Day weekend on a trip to the Hudson Valley with a new group of friends, she slowly realizes these women aren’t what they seem to be.

by Haya Alghanim

Haya is a Kuwaiti director and producer based in New York City. Haya also has an art practice in experimental film, new media and projection. Through her artistic and professional practice, Haya aims to preserve and represent modern Arab art and culture. Haya recently received her MFA in Film from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

Il confine è un bosco
My Border, My Forest

17 mins | Italy | In Croatian, Italian | Color | Drama | 🏆

Ivan is a sixty-year-old worker born in former Yugoslavia. He lives with his wife in a small village in Friuli called Torviscosa. One day he decides that the time has come to undertake a journey that will take him back to the places of his childhood, trying to solve the sense of guilt that he has felt since he was a child.

by Giorgio Milocco

Director, author, art director and editor for documentaries, fiction and commercials. In 1998 he achieved the second prize and the special mention jury award at the CorMor Festival with the short film La luna di formaggio. In 2001 he won the first prize at the short film festival in Ravenna with the film La Muart cui çucui.

Mors dag
Mother’s Day

13 mins | US | In Danish, English | Color | Drama | 🏆 ✏️

Ellen’s ability to keep her traumatic past at bay is challenged when she discovers her adoptive child’s periods have started. Battling with memories she must navigate her own damaged self-perception to offer up support to those she loves.

by Jeanine B Frost

Jeanine is a US based writer/director originally from Denmark. Her stories explore nuanced psychological dramas rooted in the stark, honest simplicity of Nordic storytelling, leaning into being split between two cultures, focusing unapologetically on the female condition and the everyday repercussions of trauma.

A Righteous Man

7 mins | US | Color | Drama | 🍊 🦩 🏆 ✏️

When a pastor’s sex addiction begins to affect both his marriage and job, he must finally confront his sins and seek redemption.

by Zach Freeman

Zach Freeman is an aspiring filmmaker originating from Austin, Texas. During his high school career, he was a finalist for the No Bull Challenge in 2015 where he was flown to LA to showcase his work. A recent graduate of the Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts where he studied writing, directing, and acting, he ultimately hopes to hone his skills as a storyteller and utilize his faith to incite positive change in the world of filmmaking.

Buried Words

17 mins | US | Color | Drama | 🏆

Megan bonds with her non-custodial mother through virtual reality, but everything changes when her mom suffers from a stroke during one of their sessions.

by Nicholas Orris

Nick brings his inspired energy and love for artful storytelling to every project. Ever since Nick saw The Creature From the Black Lagoon at 6 years old, he dedicated his life to filmmaking! From short films to commercials, he has extensive experience in all spheres of video production. His strengths are in developing projects from conception to completion, performing dynamic camera movements, and color grading.