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A film by Kate McLean & Mario Furloni

Devi has been breeding legendary pot strains for decades on the remote homestead she built herself. But when cannabis is legalized, she suddenly finds herself fighting for her survival. In a tour-de-force performance, Krisha Fairchild (Devi) brings the timely story of a black-market grower battling to keep her farm to the screen. Featuring a heart-breaking turn by John Craven as an old flame from Devi’s commune days, and Frank Mosley and Lily Gladstone as adrift harvest workers, the film is full of standout performances. Shot on off-the-grid pot farms during the actual harvest, directors Mario Furloni and Kate McLean imbue this emotional thriller with a deep and empathetic authenticity.




80 mins

Date TBA

Time TBA

Location TBA

To be announced individuals from the Tallahassee community are expected to be present for a post-film discussion on the legalization of marijuana. Details about this discussion TBA.


Directors: Kate McLean, Mario Furloni

Executive Producer: Mark Shlomchik, Bailey Smith, Gill Holland, Stu Pollard, Debbie Resnick, Jeff Resnick, Stefanie Zeldin Sigal, Rob Sigal, Benjamin Speiser

Producer: Laura Heberton

Screenwriter: Kate McLean, Mario Furloni

Cinematographer: Mario Furloni

Editor: Sara Newens and Chris Donlon

Sound Designer: Peter Albrechtsen

Music: William Ryan Fritch

Principal Cast: Krisha Fairchild, Frank Mosley, Lily Gladstone, John Craven

Additional Credits: Casting Director: Samy Burch, Casting Director: Michelle Maxson, co-producer: Jason Sussberg, co-producer: Leslie Silberstein, co-producer: Matthew C. Mills, Field Producer: Claire Weissbluth, Sound Designer: Peter Albrechtsen, Sound: Patrick Kollman, Assistant Director: Lou Nakasako

About the Filmmakers

Kate McLean is a critically-acclaimed filmmaker and documentary producer. Three of her short docs have been in the NYTimes Op-Docs series. She is a producer on Bill Nye: Science Guy (SXSW 2017) and We Are As Gods (SXSW 2020). Her first feature, Freeland (SXSW 2020), directed with Mario Furloni, is a multiple recipient of IFP and SFFILM/KRF grants.

Mario Furloni is a Brazilian-born director and cinematographer based in the Bay Area. Aside from the films he has directed with Kate McLean he is the cinematographer and co-producer of the critically-acclaimed documentary The Return, which won the Audience Award at Tribeca 2016 and was nominated for the Emmy and Peabody awards.