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Tallahassee, Florida – February 3, 2018 – The Tallahassee Film Festival turns ten-years old this year and will begin announcing its Official Selections for the March 2018 Festival in February. Creative Director Chris Faupel has been with the Festival since its first year in 2008. “It’s not like it used to be,” said Faupel, a veteran movie watcher and the longest serving creative force behind the community Festival, “it’s easier to have a cinematic voice these days without formal training or an education in the industry. Stories are becoming more personal; more wonderfully diverse. We received an incredible selection of films from around the world this year and are proud to be able to present our favorites to the Tallahassee and Big Bend region audience.”

The 2018 Tallahassee Film Festival spans over three days, from March 23 – 25, 2018. This year, the Festival is expanding its scope in the region. Festival venues will not only include the usual FSU Student Life Cinema and All Saints Cinema in Railroad Square, but there will be showings all weekend long at the new Palaver Tree Theater in Crawfordville, Florida. Faupel said, “We’re honored to be partnered with the Palaver Tree Theater this year, and expanding our footprint within the region, and will be doing more events with them in the future as this relationship continues to expand.”

Faupel said, “It’s always been the goal of the Tallahassee Film Festival to bridge the urban with the suburban, supplying the freshest of cinematic arts to the Big Bend region, and partnering with Palaver is our first step in that right direction.” For the tenth anniversary Festival, local Tallahassee artist Bill Humphries has produced one-of-a-kind original artwork for the Festival programs as well as the VIP and All Access passes. “I think Bill’s vision expertly captures the idyllic beauty of our city with the wantonness of one that’s also ready to grow,” said Faupel.

With over 100 individual films being shown during the Festival in March, audience goers will have plenty to choose from. “This year we have an award-winning variety of funny, touching and thought-provoking films from female filmmakers, African American filmmakers, first-time filmmakers, and LGBT filmmakers,” Faupel continued, “we can’t wait to share them all with our audiences. The stories this year from these filmmakers are also exceptionally topical and relevant. They’re constantly finding new ways to look at all that is happening in the world.”

To learn more about the Official Selections this year, follow the Tallahassee Film Festival on social media or sign up for emails. All-access and VIP passes are on sale now at their lowest prices of the season.

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