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Shorts 2: Chortles & Chuckles

September 2 @ 1:45 pm 3:15 pm EDT

A collection of comedic shorts. Learn more about the films in this program below.

My Friend Molly

That’s Molly. Sweet bod, sweet car, serious drug problem. She just picked me up to party for my 21st. Ngl kinda scared lol.

Director/Writer: Tyler Shore
Writer: Samantha Vanhoever
Cast: Samantha Vanhoever, Alex Davis, Tyler Shore

2023 | 5 mins | US | English | Color | 🍊 | Comedy, animation

The filmmaker Tyler Shore, writer Samantha Vanhoever, actor Alex Davis, and others are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

Hold to Dash

Neil Durst makes a living streaming his gaming skills to an audience of overstimulated, undersexed males. When he’s asked on a date by a female fan, Neil must leave his bedroom and take a plunge into the real world.

Director/Producer: John Connor Hammond
Writer/Producer: Leo Winters
Producer: Jordan L. Sims, Ian Loretto
Cast: Jack Dunphy, Jessie Pinnick, Sarah Daigle, Onur Tukel

2022 | 16 mins | US | English | Color | 🏆 | Comedy, drama

The filmmaker John Connor Hammond, writer/producer Leo Winters, and director of photography Todd Rawiszer are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

Coup De Jarnac

Spoiled brat Pratt challenges undefeated duelist Fox to a deadly showdown after she starts a rumor about him and his mother. Coup De Jarnac explores a modern world where mutual combat hasn’t been outlawed and is a darkly comedic look at the concept of honor, pettiness, and how rumors can affect a person. This world is a combination of old and new, both visually and thematically. Combining modern, questionable characters with an outdated activity obsessed with gentility.

Director/Writer/Editor: Fabian Augustin
Producer: Jade Constant
Cast: Samuel Isaiah Hunter, Stephaun Pender, Kierra Sophia, Jason Collett, Robert Stevens Wayne

2023 | 12 mins | US | English | Color | 🏆🍊✏️ | Comedy, satire

The filmmaker Fabian Augustin, producer Jade Constant, actor Samuel Isaiah Hunter, and others are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.


On a dark and foggy weekend, a group of mobsters playing poker attempt to scare the hiccups out of Barry, but they scare more than just the hiccups.

Director/Writer: Marshall Waters
Producer: Jack Adzema, Abby Wright, Ryan Turner, Carlos Lenis
Cast: Collin Pennel, David Culotta, Jack Adzema, Aaron Collins, Malachi Taylor, Allen Morton

2023 | 7 mins | US | English | Color | 🏆🍊🦩✏️ | Comedy, surreal

Beware of Goat

A rivalry between two rural families escalates when one family’s goat gets loose in the other’s yard. A meditation on the way poverty, stress and tribalism can drive even the most responsible or well meaning people toward anger and violence. The best remedy for misery is laughter, even when standing atop the gallows.

Director/Writer/Producer: Justin T. Malone
Producer: O’Shay Foreman, Noelle Beard
Cast: Lindsey Roberts, Peyton Pilgrim, Cecelia Wingate, John Sneed, Lauren Gunn

2022 | 14 mins | US | English | Color | 🏆 | Comedy, dark

Werner Herzog Saves Taxi Driver

When Martin Scorsese threatens to kill the head of Columbia Studios in response to their cut of his masterpiece, film buddies Steven Spielberg and George Lucas enlist the help of the only filmmaker hardcore enough to save him…  WERNER HERZOG! 

2023 | 13 mins | US | English | Color | 🍊 | Comedy

Director/Writer: John Stevenson
Cast: Jason Chimonides, Dennis Brewer, Caleb Goodman, Lawrence Blake, Scott Mock

The filmmaker John Stevenson is expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.


Things get turned upside down when JoJo is attacked and wakes up believing he’s Joe Louis – one of boxing’s greatest legends. Palookaville is the pilot episode to a series in the works and won the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance in 2023.

Director/Writer: Theodore Collatos
Producers: Matt Grady, Carolina Monnerat
Cast: Howard Lester, Franqi French, Edy Modica, Karl Jacob, Mike Swift

2022 | 17 mins | US | English | Color | 🏆 | Comedy, surreal, episodic (pilot)

The filmmaker Theodore Collatos and producer Carolina Monnerat are expected to be in attendance for a post-screening discussion about the film.

$10 Ticket

Hyatt House – Gathering Room

1100 Railroad Ave
Tallahassee, FL United States
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