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2020 was a rough for year for everyone, including us, but we’re working to make 2021 a little more palatable with the launch of the Tallahassee Film Festival Virtual Cinema Series. Over at our new TFF Virtual Cinema you can register and watch specially curated film titles, many of which will be available before wide on-demand viewing. From repertory screenings to films fresh off the circuit, we’re excited to offer our Tallahassee audience this unique film-watching opportunity.

Kicking things off in March are two selections to choose from. First, Olivier Assayas’s 2002 masterpiece, demonlover, in a new 2k restoration of the unrated director’s cut, overseen by Assayas himself. demonlover is a post-modern neonoir thriller and scathing critique on the media in which nothing is ever what it seems to be. Also in March we’re dropping the first feature film from director Devereux Milburn, Honeydew, starring another feature debut as a lead actor: Sawyer Spielberg (yes, the son to that Spielberg). Honeydew is not your typical horror film — strange cravings and hallucinations overcome a young couple who seek shelter in the home of an aging farmer and her peculiar son. To learn more about these films, or reserve your tickets to watch them on-demand when they become available, follow the links below.

Demonlover restoration poster


Available starting March 5, 2021


Available starting March 12, 2021

Honeydew poster

A Shape Of Things To Come

Available starting March 19, 2021

The Inheritance

Available starting March 26, 2021