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01 film stillA film by Julian Friedrich
Sergam is a little boy. A refugee. His boat’s stranded on the coast. His mother didn’t survive. Instead, a young woman takes care of him and they set off on their way through a nightmare. 01 is the first episode in Second Truth, a short film series where artists confront current topics.
7 min | Germany | Animation, Music, Art


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 3.27.21 PMA film by Danski Tang
A Chinese student’s experience as a live figure model while abroad.
3 min | USA | Animation


Purple Dreams

PurpleDreams2A film by Murat Sayginer
A short animated film about the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.
2 min | Turkey | Experimental, Animation




sandA film by Arjan Brentjes
You get up at five, eat your vitamins, drink some water with your coffee, work for a few hours, work a little more, get some exercise and then take a shower. But don’t bother trying to wash the sand out of your hair.
5 min | Netherlands | Animation, Comedy

The Best Customer

best cust stillA film by Serghei Chiviriga
The Kruchowsky family owns a funeral home. One day, an old man orders twelve funerary wreaths with sympathy messages for many relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Kruchowsky become suspicious and start to investigate this potential cold-blooded assassin.
13 min | Romania | Animation, Comedy



framed stillA film by Marco Jemolo
Framed is a noir, animated short film, which investigates the role of the individual in society. In an anonymous police station, F.K. asks the law for help in the attempt to report the abuses he has been through: his birth, his formation, his forced work.
He will end up stuck in an endless nightmare.
7 min | Italy | Animation, Horror


Polybius stillA film by Brad Pattullo
In 1981, a boy encounters a mysterious arcade game cabinet. When he plays it, he goes on an unexpected journey.
5 min | USA | Animation




165708 stillA film by Josephine Massarella
Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using single frame photography, 165708 employs in-camera techniques and chemical manipulation of processed film to produce an eidetic study of temporal elasticity. A dynamic original score by the acclaimed composer Graham Stewart accompanies the film.
7 min | Canada | Experimental

The Driver is Red

DriverIsRed_filmstill01A film by Randall Christopher
The Driver is Red is a 15-minute animated true crime documentary that tells the captivating true story of Zvi Aharoni and the Israeli secret service team that brought down one of the most powerful Nazis on the run. Fifteen years after the end of World War II, the team closes in on the murderer in Argentina in their attempt to bring him to justice. Premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, we’re honored to present this film by an FSU Fine Arts alum.
15 min | USA | Documentary, Animation