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GlenA film by Matthew Gentile
1875, Indian Territory. Bass Reeves, is the first African American to be deputized by the U.S. Marshal service. When Bass charges into the desert, he engages in a shootout with two outlaws, also African American. Based on accounts of the real person, Bass served as a Deputy U.S. Marshal in one of the most violent and dangerous regions of the Wild West. He spent more than three decades as a peace officer and during that time brought in more than 3,000 outlaws, a record that should have garnered him a reputation of mythic proportions. But Bass Reeves was black. So history moved on.
13 min | USA | Western, Crime

Before You Were Born

BYWB_1A film by Samie Romman
Ryan and Lorretta are on the brink of parenthood when Ryan suddenly catapults to stardom headlining the MMA fight of his career. An unexpected turn of events, which he chooses to hide from his wife, questions what fatherhood means to Ryan.
11 min | UK | Drama

Eyes in the Night

12-frame1_UN REGARD DANS LA NUITA film by Christophe Gand
It’s night. A man drives a freight train as he has done hundreds of times before. But this night, a woman stands in the middle of the tracks without moving. What happens next will change his life forever.
19 min | France | Drama

Sliding Away

slidingA film by Bob Findlay
A meditation on human morality, the past and present. The film expresses the struggle each generation has to redefine itself. Take the lessons of the past, examine them, and find a way to choose to be different in the world. Starring Kerry van der Griend (Night at the Museum) and Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast, The Departed).
15 min | Canada | Drama

Do No Harm

harmA film by Marielle Woods
A short film about a combat medic attempting to hold on to humanity in the midst of a war much bigger than himself. A medic’s job is to fix people up, but how does that obligation reconcile with someone who is trained to fight and may be asked to kill? Starring Spencer Treat Clark (Animal Kingdom) and Shanola Hampton (Shameless).
7 min | USA | Drama, War

The Cage

cage1A film by Alan Wu
An aging ex-biker, ML, is forced to come to terms with his distant Asian son, Ping, when he brings him to a date at a batting cage. As tension between father and son escalates, he must choose between his love interest and his son. A student film with classical film sensibilities, director Alan Wu is currently pursuing his MFA at NYU’s graduate film program.
11 min | USA | Drama, Comedy

Blue Before Gray

blue grayA film by Phallon J. Beckham
When a single father returns home after a night at the bar, he finds himself caught in a battle of masculinity and pride. This impressive debut is a student project from first-time filmmaker Phallon J. Beckman, a 2017 MICA MFA Filmmaking candidate and a previous graduate of FSU in 2012 for English. Inspired by a personal account in her own life growing up in Baltimore, the TFF is honored to share this film with our audience.
10 min | USA | Drama