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A film by Matteo Servente

On April 28, 1939 Jesse Lee Bond was brutally lynched in Arlington, TN. His official death certificate read: accidentally drowned.

2017 | 7 min | Color | USA | In English

Screens as part of The Doc Shorts and The Palaver Tree Selections program.

Director Biography

1f9349bc24-headshot Italian by birth and Memphian by choice, he studied film in Paris and Sydney.

He directed the award winning short Dammi il la and Part of Your Heart, and co-directed the feature The Romance of Loneliness.

With his latest feature, Nessun Dorma, he became a Biennale Cinema College and IFP alum.

In 2017 he became the first filmmaker to win two “Best of” awards with two different films (We Go On and An Accidental Drowning) at the Indie Memphis Film Festival.


Matteo Servente, Director
Aaron Baggett, Director of Photography
Jordan Danelz, Assistant Director
Sam Shansky, Editor
Daniel Lynn, Sound Mixer